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put a dent in your weekend plans. >>> good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. us on steve chenevey.h this thursday morning. the flags at this u.s. capitol at half-staff in honor of the late senator ted kennedy. they will remain that way through sunset sunday. >>> president obama handed down the order in a proclamation yesterday had n. which he called senator kennedy one of the most accomplished americans ever to serve our democracy. >>> we want to take a check on our forecast. for that, tucker barnes. >> you notice that there is a lot more water in the atmosphere. that means humidity is on the increase. >> that was a beautiful shot of the capitol dome. not very windy out there either. >> very still at this hour. we are looking at the possible of some scattered showers d thundetorms as we get into the afternoon. so a changing forecast today. going to be summery around here and then some big changes as we get wek. let's get ewek. let's get started thwi a look at our satellite-radar. i want to mention very quickly atdanny had maximum winds of 60 miles per hour. i will show you awe sa
bit of effect out there this morning including some warm temperatures. we're glad you're with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour in for gvir dhindsa. >>> storm clean-up is under way in some parts of maryland after tornadoes touched down on friday. two touched down in frederick county, one in carroll county. you see pictures of just some of the damage up there. >> 72 degrees out there in the #:00 hour. >> a little bit of haze we saw in the live shot. -- 72 degrees out there in e 6:00 hour. >> we'll see improvement in the situation as we knock down some ofvehamso e dweoclveud hasome clouds but much. most of thecloud cover is lwel to our souh eld aneast across southern maryland and portions ofd southeastern virginia and, of course, out to sea as well. but for us, things look good in our region. airports, current temperatures, 72 degrees in washington. 71 at both dulles and bwi marshall. the forecast for today, becoming mostly sunny after some morning haze and some morning fog. gradually mostly sunny day, a warm day. not quite as humid as it was yesterday. we'll look if
. it make for pretty pictures this morning as the sun begins to come up. it could be more rainfall for us as well, scattered rainfl. takeat laik oo hd radar. we'll show youer k e whth precipitation is at thf y ouoft to the est. we did have showers off to the they've pushed fsey'thedveushve offshore. it is a od tuhihi because some goodhunderstorm activity off the coast there. we're not dealing with that here. there car aeeplarou of showers showing up to the north of fredericksburg. it is probably very light e at o ble ofy urand probably some of th notemen vehitting the ground. more persistent rain out to the west that will make its way into our region although not all of that will stay intact. here are the current temperatures at the area airports. 75, reagan national. 75 at dulles. 72 at bw incident marshall. forecast for today looks like this. as gurvir mentioned, plenty of clouds today and, as i mentioned, some scattered showers and thunderstorms. showers here and there this morning and then later on today, some widely scattered showers and thunderstorms. every day this week, our chan
tornadoes were reported in with us wis, iowa and illinois. >>> along the east coast, new york's central park, there were wild winds which uprooted as many as 100 industries. branches littered the upper west side. ig the storms hit tuesday night and nobody was hurt. >>> in the prop ins, hurricat bill has ridiculousenned just a little bit now back to a category three hurricane. -- bill has weakened just a little bit now back to a category three hurricane. >> we are still watching that. tony is going to bring us up to date on what is going on. >> i will concentrate on what is happening here at home. we do have a muggy start to the day with with a lot of oucl ds around. no precipitation at this hour. uldn't be shocked in h orthing popped up e er there with th eclouds around. e wethink the precip will hole off until this afternoon. can you see the cloud cover as it pushes into the region this morning. i think it will be more clouds today than sun. currently at reagan national airport, we have a temperature of 74 degrees. relative humidity is up there. you will feel it when you step out t door,
want to thank you for getting up early with us for fox 5 morning news. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being along with us this morning. we'll start with a look at the weather out west where it is an all-out assault on a raging wildfire. it is just a matter of time before the flames reach mount wilson where transmitters are for the major television and radio stations. crews are dealing with the loss of two of their own as two firefighters died when their vehicle fell off a winding road trying to get to the fire. some people would you go noard evacuation orders also were hurt -- who ignored evacuation orders also were hurt. >> they will not tell to you evacuate if it is not necessary. people did not listen and there were three people that were burned and badly injured cause they did not listen. listen carefully and immediately move as soon as they tell you to move. >>> fire officials say they could pull back crews if condions become too dangerous. flames have charred at least 18 structures and are threatening 1,000 homes this morning. >> and the weather is still
>>> most of us hook forward for friday. >> but this one could be a rough friday on the economic front with new unemployment numbers out today. what we are expecting to hear from the labor department later this morning solve the history made on the nation's highest court as judge sonya sotomayor is confirmed at the nation's first hispanic justice. >>> and cash for clunchers gets a tune-up. lawmaker move to keep the program on the road. but for how long? fox 5 morning news at 6:00 continues right now. >>> we'll take a look at the u.s. capitol on this august 7th. the temperature in the mid-60s in many areas, nice comfortable low humidity to start the day today. good morning. thank you for waking up with us this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. gurvir is out today. >> let's check in with tony. it feels good out there. >> it really does. you can call it cool out there this morning. temperature in the mid-60s. it will be a nice day today ith our highs in the mid-80 ok. lowe. 'll we'll start with the sateite- radar composite for the region. no rain being vier he'lll
us so we're in thec going to worry about that at s point. we do have clouds in over u u this morning so willbe a mix of clouds and sun again today similar to yesterday. current temperatures at the area airports, reagan national, 75 degrees. i will tell you it is a warm, muggy morning. you do feel it this morning. dulles international at 73 degrees. bwi at 72 degrees. partly l.i.e. sunny skies. scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms. you could get a about the of a downpour if you get one of those thunderstorms later on today. high about 91 degrees. more details on all of that coming up. >> let's look at traffic out there this morning. >> outer loop of the beltway at the bw parkway. that is where we received word of debris if the road and several callers with flat tires. that is on the outer loop of the beltway as you try to work your way around 295 the baltimore-washington parkway. as you continue a little further west as you approach university boulevard, fellow changing a flat tire in the heat, poor guy. he is blocking a left lane. all of the leap here are open. no accidents
. that is it. for us, we've just got a couple of clouds here and there. maybe a littof haze but that is it this morning. no precipitation. current tempatrour aesd thune area, 73 e e heregdhere in d.c. and in new york city. pittsburgh is at 64 degrees. norfolk, virginia is at 76 degrees. so werarmarm start to the . ayd your forecast for today, mostly suayd anmphotter. temperatures alm ki aclornnalg lacking for an 89 high in winchester. 92 in washington. 94 in fredericksburg. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. >>> let's check in with lauren demarco and look at traffic out there. >> good morning. we are working an accident in howard county northbound route one at 175. all northbound lanes of route one are shut down there. otherwise, we are looking pretty good in maryland. let's head out to 66 in virginia. 66 at the beltway, the westbound ramp from 66 onto the inner loop is shut down right now with an accident. you can't see it from this camera angle here. we are looking at the upper loop heading toward eastbound 66. there you
at the satellite- radar for the eastern u.s. you can see a distinct difference between this morning and yesterday morning. we have more clouds moving in this morning and gradually today will become a fairly cloudy day, mostly cloudy day with some showers. you see some of the showers alain wade cold front up to the north. that front will be making its arehe l atetoday. the forecast, becomina mostly cloudy. s t ghhiu hd.mi highs inth e upper 80s and low 90s. winchester, 87. annapolis, 87. washington, d.c., 90 for your high and do be ready for showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening. more about that coming up in a little bit. >> thank you. >>> let's say good morning to lauren demarco who is keeping an eye on traffic. >> 95 southbound just before 212 in beltsville, we do have police activity on the right shoulder slowing everybody down. no problems to report on the beltway, 95 in virginia northbound at mile marker 12 #, accident on the right shoulder. your northbound delays on 95 stretch from the prince william parkway up through lorton. let's look at 395 at the 14th street bridge.
's first summit between the u.s., mexico and canada and his second trip to mexico as president. he returns to the hite house this evening. >>> swine flu vaccine tria begin in our area today. the university of the maryland will begin testing the vaccine on a group of young adult and senior citizen volunteers. they will get two doses each, given three week apart. vaccine trials are going on nationwide. the hope is to have a vaccine ready to go by fall. we'll talk more about the development of this new vaccine and what to expect if you plan on getting it once it is available to the public. >>> if it hadn't been for the sweltering summer heat this weekend, you might have thought it was christmas by the look of some of the parking lots in virginia as the tax-free holiday ran through sunday. virginia's department of revenue estimated that the tax- free holiday would save shops are about 4 million statewide. tease and maryland decided not to hold tax-free holidays this year because of economy. >>> they put their lives on the line to save others right after the september 11th attacks and now nearl
cleveland and detroit. that is a cold front that will get in here tomorrow an give us another opportunity for some showers and thunderstorms. but today, it will be just bright sunshine in the forecast. all right. there are your current temperatures. just got an update. now, 71 at reagan national. 70 at dulles. bwi arshall in the 60s again. our humidity will be in check for much of the day but it will bet hot later today. mostly sunny skies and hot by this afternoon. high temperature 91 degrees. we'll have more details on the forecast. we have to take another look at the tropics coming up in just a few minutes. >> starting to heat up. >> let's get a look at the we have better news on . kenilworth avenue. early this morning, we had problems with the crash. there is trouble northbound on 95 as you travel up into baltimore aappropriating 395. if you are traveling on the out are loop here at colesville road, month tibetts report as you work your way around from college park headed into silver spring -- no accidents to report as you work your way around from college park headed into silver spri
connelly and jim moran will each hold conferences on health care reform. representative moran will join us here in the studio coming up in our next hour to talk more about the health care debate. >>> cash for clunkers has come to an end now officially but many dealers are still working to get the paperwork through. government extended the filing deadline until noon today to give dealer as a few more hours to get their paperwork in to make sure they get repaid the billions of dollars they fronted to buyers and new they might have a little more time to submit claims because of problems with the transportation department's web site. >> in the scheme of a thousand deals, 50 doesn't sound like that bad, does it? but at $4,000 a pop, that is a little bit of money y we hedged our bets on waiting for the money but i think the federal government is good for it. >> the late nbe show dealer have submitted 625,000 vouchers totaling nearly # .6 billion. those numbers will surely jump after last-minute sales are counted. >>> a swiewf update as health officials say the vaccine will likely be a series of
and at arlington national cemetery. >> tucker balkans will have an update on danny. >>> let's take a look at the u.s. capitol and show hua it looks like outside this morning. the sun will be up later this hour but right now, kind of a hazy 76 degrees. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. tucker is in. what does fall officially begin? >> for us in the weather department, it starts september 1st but otherwise, the third week of september. >> it is going to feel like fall starting next week. we won't dwell on danny too much. but danny's maximum winds now 40 miles per hour. not looking very impressive. kind of fizzling out here. that is good news for us. we have other weather to ta about. the weather service has just issued a flash flood watch for the district and surrounding counties. this goes into effect at 2:00 and continues through this evening. the concern is we could see heavy rainers later today in the form of thunderstorms. at potential is outs there for a couple of thunderstorms in you get caught those big thunde earlier, overnight, parts of baltimore up towards harper county. they picke
with us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. glad you are along on this tuesday morning. it is very warm out there this morning. there is trouble not just here weather-wise but other parts of the world. >> we are following a developing story from the coast of china. they are coping there with devastation in the wake of a typhoon. a helicopter crashed killing six people while on a rescue mission. the mud shied buried a remote mountain village in taiwan. hundreds of people have been brought to safety. yphoon slammed taiwan over the weekend dropping more than six feet of rain in some areas. >>> here at home, another hot day in store. not as bad as yesterday but still a scorcher. a live view of the horizon right now and we got up into the upper 90s yesterday just like you said, tony. not quite record territory. >> didn't get the record at rig appear national which would have been 98 degrees. -- didn't get the record at reagan national which would have been 98 degrees. we don't won't see any records today. we are still in the 90s. we'll start with the radar. we had a couple of showers an
shut a chemical agent used in world war i resurfaces. the place where it was found isn't a vice but for some people living in the area, it is a cause for concern this morning. >>> another heatedown hall meeting on health care, this one in maryland. much like the rest going on across the country. and now one industry insider is giving his take on the rumor that some of the angriest voices in these audiences are planted. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >>> #:00 straight occupy this thursday, august 1th. a live look outside as a lot of folks head to work this morning. it look like it will be a fairly decent day out there today. we're glad that you could be along. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. tony perkins with us as always this morning. >> not a bad start to the day. got a little bit of a breeze. temperature are comfortable this morning. humidity is up there as it has been but today overall won't be bad. i by showg g inyby showing you and we've talked by a floodwatch in effect to our east. ehe t rain or mh ucof much of the rain that we've seen duringourse othe
you for joining us this morning. we are on p tooakbf ng reews at this hour as police from several jurisdiction searching for as many as eight suspects would matoy be hiding in arlington national cemetery. >> start wade call about a car break-in. -- started with a call about a car break-in. one suspect was caught. police have launched an air and ground search and there are reports several of them ran in the cemetery. we have a crew on the scene. we'll brung you more throughout the morning. >> we'll check in with sarah simmons in just a little bit. >> it is wet out there this morning. >> we are seeing rain early this morning. wind chill see it before we get little bit of relief later on in the day. we ocan show you how things re shaping up at this hour. again being this is a big scal e el c see all that precipitation moving across th s antic ow nthrough uor our region. much of virginia, eastern maryland and new jersey, delaware, places like that. the leftiest rainfl is up wards delaware and new jersey. for us, it is mainly light it moderate rainfall at this point. currently, reagan
look forward to him joining us in the next couple of days. >> reporter: vick was once the huest paid plar in the nf almost the new contract pays him $1.6 million for the first year. >>> let's take hay a look at what some phones are saying to my fox philly. one fan says this team lost all of its dignity in just one headline. what were they thinking? they won't watch another eagles game until vic is off the team. another fap says i don't understand why people can't give him a second chance. i didn't like him when he played for the falcon but now i feel bad for him. he has done his time and then some. he has lost everything. this is his only chance. >>> can you sound off on look for the story on our home page. >>> the other story in sports, olympic gold medalist michael fell p was involved in a car dent last night. he was behind the whiffle cadillac escalade that collided with another car ate downtown intersection. nobody was seriously injured though the driver of the other car was taken to a local hospital as a precaution. >>> more bragging rights for the ravens as they be
early with us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being with us. we are going to check in with tony perkins and get the latest on hurricane bill which is continuing to stir in the atlantic. you guys have been keeping an eye on it as we have for the last couple of days. >> bill is still a category three hurricane. it is not showing as much organization as it was befo but it is still out to sea and could still get reorganized. maximum sustained winds 120 miles per hour. it is about 400 miles south of bermuda. for folks in berma, there is a tropical storm watch in effect in bermuda. they will keep that you are eyes on what is happening there. we will do the same too. here in our area, let's take a look t aharda radar. rei. th the velr.i picture th lgsinook pretty good across the region. as you look agsthdae t r,rathe are some radan iersh s,owithose rain showers are well out to the west across portions oeme w maryvd iainlatrexnwee nn era maryland and elsewhere. they are n ht ererbue we could see some rain showers pop up l okay. now, the regional temperatures, it
:00 right now. >>> we're glad you could join us for fox 5 morning ne. ws a live look outside right now. i'm he gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being with us. one group of local residents with clean-up ahead of them. take a look at this damage from overnight. a large tree branch fell through the roof of the penn southern apartment homes in capitol heights. at the spite the inconvenience, nobody was hurt. >> i guess some areas did have storms yesterday. >> i certainly did. i had a lot of thunder and lightning last night and very heav rain as it moved through about 8:00 last night. rain across the . area. i want to show everybody hurricane bill. it is now a category four hurricane. it has gusts to 150. the scale only goes to five so this is almost as strong as they get. it will be encountering ever warmer water. likely to become even stronger. i'll have more on bill coming . . let's look at local weather and our satellite-radar showing yo u thd ndertorm acvitorm havi ttyty ttit moved through. ivy ittt tg ing showerct down towards bethany and rehobothout here during they
-- unsolicited e-mails on health care reform. >>> hundreds of aol uses are wanted to know why they got an e nail from the white house asking for help red flagging health care myths. for a lot of people, the e-mail came as a pop-up through aol and now recipients want for know where and how the white house dug up their names and addresses. a white house spokesperson says e-mail addresses are obtained through the web site. but the aclu says that could be a violation of the citizens' rights. >> it is not the government's right to have my e-mail address unless i'm dealing with them on a specific issue. >> if the white house is creating a always for whatever purpose of people would disagree with the president, that presents real problems. if people know that there is a chance that they will be on such a list, then i think people may feel inhibited in expressing their pll views. >> the white house now says it will change its e-mail sign-up procedures. >>> virginia senator jim webb following in the steps of former president bill slight during an independent mission to myanmar to secure the release of of
will perform three spacewalks. coming up, a nasa astronaut will join us live to talk more about the mission. >>> signs continue to at&t towards easing tension in north korea as leading kim jong il wants to hold a summit with the south korean president. an asian newspaper proposed kim's envoy proposed the summit and the south korean president said yes if it is to discuss the nuclear program. however, south korea denies talks of a summit saying they would only talk about discussions on improving regulars. >>> a malaysian woman scheduled to be caned in public is now free. she pleed guilty to drink a beer, an fence that breaks islamic law. 32-year-old trained nurse and mother of two never appealed her sentence. so far, officials are not commenting on why she was spared. the case has sparked controversy because malaysians are subject to islamic law while the large chinese and indian minorities are not. >>> soon, people would rely on social court checks to get by are going to have to rely on less. >> the bad economy could be good news if you are bargain hunting. self storage units turning into tr
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